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About Us

Texas Sexual Health specializes in the holistic and radical treatment of sexual dysfunctions. We are sexual health consultants with an arsenal of resources to assist men and women in the solution of sexual problems and intimacy concerns. Some professionals help with the mental/psychological aspect of problems with intimacy. Physicians only prescribe pills, which can have detrimental side effects. At Texas Sexual Health, we look at the whole individual and ALL the factors that could be causing sexual difficulties, physiological and psychogenic. Moreover, Texas Sexual Health deploys the most cutting-edge treatment programs not available elsewhere to tackle sexual problems at their source. Our goal is to bring the body back to sexual function so that you are able to have a healthy sexual system without further assistance once our treatment programs are completed. We want you to have spontaneity in sex again, without having to wait for some form of medication to work before you can become intimate.​

Texas Sexual Health is the ONLY holistic sexual health practice in North Texas. We help men overcome:

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Premature ejaculation

  • Delayed or lack of ejaculation

  • Prostate problems, such as benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) and chronic nonbacterial prostatitis

  • Performance anxiety

  • Low sexual desire


We help women overcome:

  • Low sexual desire

  • Painful sex and penetration disorders

  • Orgasmic disorder​

We also offer penile rehabilitation program (PRP) after prostatectomy, colorectal surgery, spinal cord injury, disability, and other conditions.


We accomplish the clients’ goals by implementing personalized treatment programs through:


  • The use of the latest technology

  • The implementation of evidence-based methodologies

  • A non-pharmacological approach

  • A combination of physical and psychological therapeutic options

  • Non-invasive procedures

  • Sexual systems rehabilitation

  • Innovative sex therapy modalities

  • Nutritional support for optimal sexual health

  • Lifestyle coaching for optimal sexual function

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Success Stories

We are proud of our achievments.

"Dr. Tangie has given me my life back! Now I can enjoy intimacy again."

D.Martin, Plano, TX

"After 11 years of marriage, my libido was down. Dr. Tangie helped me regain my sex drive."

A. Engles, Dallas, TX

"I was suffering from ED after prostatectomy. Other doctors did not offer any real solutions besides taking a pill. Dr. T made a plan so I could recover my sexual function."

G. Parks, Irving, TX

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Opening Hours

Monday-Friday: 9 am to 4 pm

Saturday: 9 am to 1 pm

Sunday: Closed

2300 Valley View Lane, Ste 911, Irving, TX -  75062


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