Frequently asked questions

How do I get ready for my first visit?

Congratulations! You have made a very important decision: to take care of your sexual health. Once you have made your appointment, it is important that you get ready for it to maximize your time with the doctor. Please be ready to present an official photo id and to answer questions about your health, lifestyle, and sexual concerns. Make sure you know the medications and supplements that you are taking so you can provide that information. Please know that all the information you disclose, including your personal data, is strictly confidential.

What to expect during the first visit?

The first visit is a two hour session (no exceptions). Be ready to provide personal information (See “Getting Ready for Your First Visit”). There will be some paperwork that provides important information about Texas Sexual Health and your rights. You will have the opportunity to thoroughly discuss your situation. This time is important for developing your treatment plan moving forward. It is important that you speak openly and honestly about your concerns. We have heard it all so there is nothing to be ashamed of. The more you disclose, the better we are able to help you.

Can I use my health insurance?

Unfortunately, you cannot use your insurance to pay for services. For your convenience, you may pay with credit/debit card. When you come to your session, you will be asked to pay before the session starts. Missed appointments have a $75 penalty non refundable fee. Saturday appointments must be paid in full in advance and are not refundable.

Am I going to be prescribed pills?

Our goal is that your body is able to do what it can do naturally so that you may have the spointaneity and function of before your problems started. We will do everything possible to regenerate the sexual system to make it work on its own. Although we do not oppose medication usage, we focus on regeneration to achieve sexual function.

How many sessions will it take?

Each individual responds differently; therefore, it is hard to predict how many sessions will be necessary. However, your commitment to doing the work is what will determine your success.

How much does it cost?

To better help you, and because all our programs are individualized, please call for details about pricing. Make sure you see your sexual health as an investment in your health and the health of your relationships. Furthermore, not having to rely on pills while improving your quality of life grants you savings in the long run.

How do I make an appointment?

For immediate assistance, you may call us at 214-974-4930 and we’ll be happy to give you an appointment at your convenience. You may also send us an email using the form on our page. You can also book an appointment online.

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"Dr. Tangie has given me my life back! Now I can enjoy intimacy again."

D.Martin, Plano, TX

"After 11 years of marriage, my libido was down. Dr. Tangie helped me regain my sex drive."

A. Engles, Dallas, TX

"I was suffering from ED after prostatectomy. Other doctors did not offer any real solutions besides taking a pill. Dr. T made a plan so I could recover my sexual function."

G. Parks, Irving, TX

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