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26 Sexual Acts To Enjoy In Spite of Sexual Dysfunction

The loss of sexual function as a result of aging, illness, lifestyle or other issues, can cause a lot of distress and sadness in the person experiencing the loss and their partner(s). When starting to recognize that things don’t work as they used to, there is a grieving process that ensues. Although it is normal to feel frustrated about these changes, sex does not have to cease just because a body part is not working as it used to.

Seek Help

There are many therapies and treatments for sexual function enhancement available. The first important step in getting on a path to solving sexual issues is to recognize and accept that there is a problem and look for the right ways to address it. Silence and secrecy only make problems worse, so, the sooner help is sought, the better the chances of recovering sexual function.

Focus on Pleasure

For many men, when the penis does not get erect, they get discouraged from having sexual activity and even masturbating. When men feel that, upon stimulation, the penis does not respond as usual, they can feel shame and guilt and resolve to not seeking sexual gratification, especially with a partner, again or until the erectile issues have been resolved. Women can feel the same way when they experience dryness or their libidos tank. One thing that should not be missed is a focus on pleasure. Just because a body part is not working as it used to does not mean that pleasure cannot be had.

How to Have Pleasure In Spite of Sexual Dysfunction

These are some activities that do not require a hard penis or a moist vagina:

  1. Regular massage: If you enjoy massaging and being massaged, put this on your menu regularly. You can focus on the whole body or specific body parts.

  2. Erotic or sensual massage: Oils, candles, music, and massaging with different body parts can enhance eroticism.

  3. Kissing: Remember those long kissing sessions of the teenage years? Kissing is a lot of fun and can bring the couple together.

  4. Caressing: Our biggest sex organ is our skin. Cover it all or go by sections, focusing on discovering each and every texture of the other’s skin.

  5. Licking: Use your tongue all over the skin, as if though you are eating a lollypop!

  6. Talking: Sweet talk can keep the romance alive. Sexual talk (dirty talk) can ignite the fire.

  7. Gazing into each other’s eyes: Intimacy begins with being seen. Focus on the other person without expectations or agendas.

  8. Holding hands: Do not underestimate the power of holding hands often to strengthen intimacy.

  9. Sucking: Nipples, ear lobes, fingers, toes, necks…the body provides many opportunities for great tasting!

  10. Nibbling: Soft bites (or harder, depending on consent), can feel amazing, especially in the right body parts.

  11. Scratching: If you have nails, you can use them to elicit some great sensations.

  12. Using objects: Feathers, fabrics, different textures can be used to pleasure the whole body.

  13. Oral sex: No need for an erect penis or a wet vulva to give or receive oral sex and loads of pleasure!

  14. Anilingus: Enjoy rimming? This activity can be very enjoyable for those who fancy it.

  15. Fingering: Doing it to oneself or to another, fingers can do a great job at pleasuring.

  16. Petting: Mutual masturbation or masturbating another is a fun way to give and receive pleasure.

  17. Masturbation: Solo or in front of the other, self pleasuring is always a great idea!

  18. Grinding: Rubbing the penis against a clitoris or a clitoris against a knee, for example, can lead to the same end result and lots of fun in the interim.

  19. Sex toys: Sex toys don’t get tired and there is a lot of variety to satisfy every appetite.

  20. Erotica: Reading, watching, writing erotic material can be fun to share.

  21. Foreplay: Focus on the whole journey, not the destination. If your focus is the end result, you miss all the pleasure throughout.

  22. Fetishes and Kink: Enjoy a particular activity or want to try something off the menu? Share it with your partner. If you are too afraid of sharing, seek help to help you communicate openly about sex.

  23. Learn something new: There are many books and instructional videos on different sexual techniques, positions and acts. You don’t have to come up with all the ideas!

  24. Sex games: Many sex games available in the marketplace and online can be a lot of fun to play.

  25. Use all of your senses: Sex is a sensorial experience. Make sure that you are using all of your senses to enhance the pleasure.

  26. Focus on intimacy: Bathing together, having dates, going on walks, doing things that all parties involved find enjoyable, spooning, cuddling, etc. can bring partners together and strengthen the bonds that bind.

Don't Stop the Sex!

There are many more things that can be pleasurable sexual activities that can be done when penetration of a penis in a vagina or anus is not an option. Just because a sex organ does not behave the same, it does not invalidate the pleasure that the rest of the body can have. Remember, the most important sex organ is the brain. Use it!

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