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Buried Penis Syndrome

Many men would like to have longer, larger penises. However, some men do have smaller than average penises or see their penises shrinking over time. Specifically, there is a condition called buried penis syndrome (also known as buried penile syndrome or BPS) that is real and may cause anguish in some men. Here is some information about BPS.

What is BPS?

Buried penis occurs when the penis is of normal size, yet most of it is hidden under the skin or fat of the abdomen, thighs or scrotum. This condition can be present during infancy or may develop later in life.

Causes of BPS

  1. Anatomical abnormalities at birth.

  2. Obesity, which can create excess fat around the abdomen and genitals, making the penis hide or appear hidden.

  3. Lymphedema or swelling of the scrotum due to poor draining of lymph fluid.

Although many may consider a buried penis to be more of a matter of pride or harmless, the condition may actually lead to health complications, such as:

  1. Inability to urinate or urinating on self or clothes.

  2. Urinary and skin infections.

  3. Inflammation of the glans and foreskin on uncircumcised men.

  4. Erectile dysfunction.

  5. Inability to penetrate with an erection.

  6. Emotional distress, depression, anxiety, low self esteem.

Solutions for BPS

It is important to seek help if BPS is causing physical and psychological health issues. Some of the available treatment options are:

  1. Surgical interventions.

  2. Weight loss.

  3. Medications for urinary or skin infections caused by BPS.

  4. Sex therapy.

If you or anyone you know suffers from BPS, it is important to talk to a trusted healthcare provider who understands the condition and can offer the right treatment options. Emotional support is also important, especially if BPS causes distress and disruptions in the person’s ability to relate intimately, negatively impacts their emotional well-being and their access to a healthy sex life. BPS should not define the quality of a man’s sex life or hinder it. Your sexual health matters!

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