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Can Love Solve it All? It Depends…

Love has the reputation of being the cure for everything. Have haters? Kill them with love. Have relationship issues? Love is the way. Been hurt? Love heals.

Love seems like the antidote for all ills and the solution for all problems. When it comes to relationships especially, people expect that love is the magic potion that sets the happy ending in motion.

But, is it true that love can conquer it all? When it comes to relationships, is love really all we need?

Being in love

Many people go into relationships for feelings of fondness with one another and really expect those feelings to carry them through the day to day as a couple. Nonetheless, being in love may not mean staying in love.

As anyone who has ever been in a relationship knows, staying in love is the most difficult part of sharing space with a partner.

Staying in love

In relationships, staying in love through it all is quite a venture. Deciding to work on the issues that arise (and actually doing ALL the work), instead of giving up, is one of the most tenacious tasks of being in a relationship.

Putting in the energy and time that are needed to overcome the roadblocks and challenges on the path of the couple, which could award the relationship longer and better time ahead, is a decision to be made on a regular basis, not something that comes naturally as a result of being in love.

Love beyond

What really keeps a relationship going is not love; it’s commitment. When the partners are committed to one another and to the relationship, they will be committed to finding the solutions to their problems and giving these the time they need to work in favor of themselves and the relationship.

When the commitment has stopped, it must be reinstated; otherwise, the relationship is done. ​ Love is love and it can mutate or cease. Love can be a great motivator of commitment to see things through among lovers. But love without commitment--to work on bettering each individual within the relationship and strengthening the union-- is bound to drift, even if love is still felt.

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