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Do You Need an Erection?

Many individuals who are experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) don’t have sexual activity anymore because they cannot reach an erection. When asked if they engage in other sexual activities, other than penetration of a penis in a vagina, they often say no and blame ED for their lack of a sex life. Often, men will forgo self-pleasuring and any sexual contact with current or potential partners for fear of not being able to perform. Unfortunately, this is a reflection of the heavy emphasis put on penetrative sex as the ONLY or optimum form of sex. However, sex and sexual pleasure go beyond penetrative intercourse.

Masturbation doesn’t require a hard penis

Erections are not a requirement for sexual gratification, especially when going solo. Men can still enjoy sexual pleasure as long as they have sensation in their genitals. Moreover, there are other parts of the body that may respond very well to stimulation and feel enjoyable when included in solo sexual play.

Sex is way more than a penis in a vagina

There are so many things that people can do to enjoy sexual pleasure! Read the 26 Sexual Acts to Enjoy in Spite of Sexual Dysfunction for some ideas. Of course, you can always add more to the list by using your creativity and your imagination!

Whole body sex is better

Fingers, tongue, the whole skin, feet, elbows, knees, etc. are all fair game to be used for sex. And remember that your skin is your biggest sex organ and your brain the most important. Also, expressing yourself while you are giving and receiving pleasure is a great turn on. So instead of penis sex, have whole body and mind sex!

Don’t be afraid of sex toys

Toys are not just for kids and sex toys not only for women. Men can enjoy sex toys just as much and these can spice up any sexual encounter. So instead of seeing a dildo or vibrator as competition, see it as an ally and use it with your partner. Seeing your partner use a sex toy can also take arousal to new heights. Use a vibrator on your penis. The possibilities are endless!

Instead of retreating and avoiding sex due to erectile difficulties, make sex new and fun by expanding on what you know and chartering into new sexual territory. With open communication and lots of imagination and an open mind, sex may be as good and sometimes better when a penis is no longer the center of attention. If you suffer from ED, you may always consult with a professional that can help. And, you can still enjoy sex, even when your penis has lost some capabilities.

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