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  • Dr. Tanginika Cuascud

Dr. Tanginika S. Cuascud and Renewal Wellness Center of North Texas Join Forces

Renewal Medical Centers of North Texas is dedicated to providing quality, non-invasive and virtually pain-free treatment programs for total body and sexual health for men in the DFW area. Renewal is passionate about restoring the whole body, treating a range of medical issues including chronic pain, sports injuries, back pain, and poor circulation and arthritis. Additionally, Renewal provides physical treatment for men’s sexual concerns. Although we both provide Shock Wave Therapy for the treatment of male sexual issues, Renewal offers a holistic path to health for men. Renewal focuses on integrative wellness, addressing the physiological, emotional and personal influences that affect men’s health and creating individualized health plans to get men healthy in body and mind. So when they invited me to come on board, I excitedly accepted to be part of their network of providers!

Renewal has a team of dedicated professionals, from MDs to a Doctor in Naturopathic Medicine and Hypnotherapists. With Clinical Sexology added to the mix, we are confident we can provide men with total sexual health support. I have been spending time at Renewal and I can attest to the white glove treatment they provide their patients, which makes me very happy to now be part of the Renewal family. We all believe that sexual health is an integral

part of life, overall, happiness and wellbeing!

I will be delighted to provide service at my usual location for Texas Sexual Health at 2300 Valley View Lane, Ste. 911, Irving TX 75062 or at Renewal Medical Center in Dallas at 5310 Harvest Hill Rd. Suite 120 Dallas, TX 75230, where I will be part of the team providing sexual health treatments. For more information, you may call (469) 803-0306 or visit our website. We will all be happy to see you!

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