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Fourteen Days of Pleasure: Day 1

February is the month of love. Celebrating Valentine's Day reminds people of going the extra mile to show their love and appreciation for a loved one, especially those in romantic relationships. We are celebrating #FourteenDaysOfPleasure and kicking it off with Day 1: Romance. Out of ideas for how to inject romance into the relationship? Here are some ideas:

  1. Romantic or sensual music: Music puts a lot of people in the mood, especially if the song has a special meaning. Send your loved one a song that reminds you of them, the song you danced on your wedding night or music that is both relaxing and sensual.

  2. Slow dance: Slow dancing does not require a special skill. Ask your partner to dance with you and embrace while swaying and listening to Spanish guitar, violin or piano music.

  3. Chocolate covered everything! Like chocolate? Use it in recipes, on fruit and on each other.

  4. Candles: Dim lights and light some candles at the table or in the bedroom. Candles make everything look fancier and more romantic.

  5. The good china: Take out the special china, crystal glasses and silverware for a special dinner even if you don't prepare a special meal. Let a random night be a special dinner.

  6. Exchange coupons: Yes, as cheesy as this may sound, coupons with "IOUs" of romantic experiences can ignite some fire.

  7. Give a massage, just because! Give a massage and do not expect anything in return. Feel the pleasure of the touch and the gratification of the one another's closeness.

  8. Say "I love you, because..." Even if you have been in the relationship for a long while, validating love with words can be very pleasing. Be specific and thorough. We all like to be recognized and seen.

  9. Express gratitude: Be specific in telling your loved one why you appreciate them in your life.

  10. Use their love language: Know that your partner likes meaningful time? Give them your undivided attention. Is your partner a fan of gifts? Give them something that they like. Are flowers always a hit? Gift them "just because". The possibilities are endless.

There are many more ways to show love and appreciation through more romantic gestures. Even for the less romantic, putting in a little effort to show love through small acts of romance can lead to higher levels of satisfaction in the relationship and in the bedroom.

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