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Fourteen Days of Pleasure: Day 4

Dirty Talk! Don't be shy to use the power of words to enhance pleasure. If you need some inspiration on how to "talk dirty" before, during and after sex, here are some ideas. Be descriptive, specific and candid. Watch video below.

  1. Tell your partner what you want to do onto them, before hand. Be creative on how you deliver the message. Use texting (sexting!), write them a note and leave it in their car, wallet, purse or a book they're currently reading. Send them a GIF or a meme about it. Tell them in their ear before going to work. The possibilities are endless!

  2. Use a fruit to demonstrate how you will proceed with their genitals...

  3. Ask for what you want and be specific! Describe it in detail so there's no doubt about your ask. Ask the other person for what they want and how they want it delivered.

  4. Provide detailed directions on how to pleasure you. Be ready to follow directions when given.

  5. Use the names you don't dare using outside of the bedroom to talk about your genitals.

  6. Depending on your comfort level and that of your partner's, use some cuss words during lovemaking. This is the time to use that potty mouth!

  7. Provide feedback about what you like and how you are liking it while you are enjoying sexual activity.

  8. Praise your partner throughout and after. Everyone likes positive reinforcement and compliments go a long way to ensure that sex remains a looked forward event.

  9. Talk about sex before, during and after sex. Conversations about sex are important and they need to be ongoing, regardless of how long you have been in the relationship.

  10. Thank your partner for the pleasure they facilitate. Gratitude is always appreciated!

With consent, everything is fair game during sex. Remember that sex starts between the ears and the shortest path to the brain is through sound. Use your words and you shall be rewarded!

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