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  • Dr. Tanginika Cuascud


Updated: Dec 27, 2019

As funny as this question may sound, many women-most, I dare to assert-have never seen their genitalia. Of course, for men is easy.

Their genitals came showing to the world! In our case, our genitals are concealed and stored in a dark place, far, far away... or so it seems. And because women do not have any encouragement from anybody to explore and get to know our bodies, we go on with our lives not knowing how our vulvas look like.

I encourage you to do this exercise today. What you will need: 1. A mirror- hand mirror or wall mirror are fine. 2. Your glasses- if you wear them. 3. A positive attitude.

Make sure you are in a safe and private place to do this. You are going to need to maneuver and stretch and bend to do this exercise so it is better to do it in a place in which you will feel comfortable.

Now, look at your genitalia: it is composed of your mons pubis, labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, the opening of the urethra and the opening of the vagina (in a snapshot). Look at its color and texture.

It is supposed to be moist. It has folds and soft skin. It is beautiful, luscious and holds the key to life. Touch it, caress it, smell it, learn it. Stare at it and really explore it. I encourage you to see how it changes when it is aroused and when it is relaxed (the labia swells during arousal and lubrication is more abundant). Tell it how much you value, love, and appreciate her. It is OK if you get aroused by this exercise. It is OK if you feel the urge to masturbate while you are doing it, but I encourage you to continue with your exploration. What did you discover? Did you see something you had not seen before? Are you surprised by what you found? How did you feel doing this exercise? Do this exercise on a regular basis. You can even recruit your partner to admire your glory with you. Your vulva is your center, your gate to ecstasy and pleasure. Make her an important part of your life!

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