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Keep Your Penis Young!

Although sexual function may be impacted by the natural process of aging, not all men are doomed to suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) as they age. Keeping the body young and healthy may lead to benefits when it comes to penile health. The state of your overall health may reflect the state of the health of your penis, and this includes physical and mental/emotional health. Taking care of your body and mind will help you keep a young and healthy body, and consequently, a healthy penis.

Aging and penile atrophy

The most common cause of penis atrophy or shrinkage is simply the result of aging. Difficulty getting erections starves the erectile tissue of oxygen, which shrinks muscle cells in the spongy erectile tissue. As men get older, they may experience reduced blood flow and weakened muscle cells inside the chambers of the penis, which leads to a reduced capacity to hold an erection, as well as a less-firm erection. When flaccid or erect, the penis may not be as full as it once was. Penile atrophy may also manifest in the penis not seeming as long or fat as before, in its flaccid or erect states.

Prevention is the best medicine

Preventing disease and following a healthy lifestyle are the best medicines to keep the body and the penis young. Following a healthy diet, avoiding ED-causing behaviors, such as smoking, alcohol drinking and the use of recreational drugs; taking care of your pelvic floor muscles, exercising your penis and preventing chronic health issues such as Type II diabetes and high blood pressure, and keeping a healthy weight, among others, can help you stay young and your penis to stay fit. Also, managing stress and making mental and emotional health a priority will lead to better health outcomes.

Is it too late?

If you are already experiencing the effects of penile atrophy and ED, it may not be too late. Besides the commonly used medications available in the marketplace, such as PDE5 inhibitors and injectables, there are other alternatives that treat the root cause of dysfunction and help men lead better sex lives. Finding a practitioner that offers a fan of therapeutic options that suit each individual is key to restoring penile health.

If you are experiencing symptoms of penile atrophy, act swiftly. The sooner you seek help, the higher the chances of finding solutions. Remember that penile atrophy gets worse over time so not taking action is against your best interests. You deserve a healthy body and a healthy penis throughout the lifespan.

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