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  • Dr. Tanginika Cuascud

Let's Talk Dirty!

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

During sex, “dirty talk” can be a powerful aphrodisiac. However, many women don’t have two important things necessary to take advantage of it:  1.     The sexual confidence  2.     The repertoire Many women lack the sexual confidence to be able to take control over their pleasure and successfully direct their sex partners to satisfy them in the way they want and need to be pleasured.

And others, although they enjoy their sexual encounters, remain mute during lovemaking, except for the occasional sigh or moaning. “Dirty Talk” is not only about cursing your partner out during sex; rather, it is about expressing yourself freely when you are most vulnerable to achieve the greatest results possible.

Simply, “Dirty Talk” is about opening the communication channels with your partner so sex is more fulfilling. Ask and you shall receive: Talk Dirty and you shall get what you want! The problem is that, for centuries, women and men have been taught (and they believed it) that those women who express themselves freely in the bedroom and that are vocal about what they want and need to feel pleasure are less than.

"Those" women have been deemed as dirty, sluts, whores, prostitutes, maniacs, and the list goes on. And nowadays, even when many men and women don't believe that to be true anymore, many women still find themselves in that toxic dynamic of holding back to show their worth as good girls and thus worthy of the love and respect of their men.

Moreover, the word "dirty" is often used to depict even the slightest deviation from the "good girl" code of conduct. "Dirty talk" (quote on quote because I don't believe that there is such thing) is about communication, honesty and freedom. It is about having the right to express ourselves and take responsibility over our bodies and our own pleasure.

I encourage you to "talk dirty" during sex and take advantage of its aphrodisiac effect. If your partner does not understand, he or she needs to be brought back to the new millenium!


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