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Make Sex Fun Again!

Do you remember the furor and passion of the first few days of a new love? Usually, that all consuming excitement of the first few days, weeks and months of being in love makes way to a calmer and more connected kind of intimacy. For many, though, sex is a very serious endeavor; almost like a chore or task to be completed off of a list. If sex and intimacy have turned into serious business, lighten the mood to make way for more fun. Here are 5 ways to put fun back into sex:

  1. Change the course: Sex does not have to be the same every time. Sometimes, a little tweak here and there (a new place, new sheets, scents, oils, etc.) can take the sex to a different level.

  2. Focus on pleasure: Many focus on the finish line (orgasm and ejaculation) as their only motivation to have sex. Rather, focus on the journey and all the sensations and pleasure that can be had during foreplay, sex and after.

  3. Use your biggest sex organ: Sex is not only the meeting of a penis and a vagina. Sex should be felt all over the body, using the whole skin to awaken the senses and feel pleasure throughout.

  4. Use your most important sex organ: Sex starts between the ears. When your mind is turned on, your body follows. Use your imagination and creativity.

  5. Play with toys: Toys are not just for kids. Objects can lead to amazing sexual encounters full of stimulation and pleasure.

There are many more ways in which you can inject your relationship with novelty and start enjoying sex at a different level. All you need is an open mind, active communication with your partner and the confidence to try new things. All else will fall in order.

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