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Dr.Google: Bad for Your Sexual Health

Many people rely on the internet for advice when they are afflicted by a health issue. Let's explore more.

Dr. Google: Bad for Your Sexual Health Many people rely on the internet for advice when they they are afflicted by a health issue. The marvel of having limitless information available at our disposal through the click of a button has been beneficial in many aspects. However, the internet may not be the best option to “treat” ailments. Ask Google and it will answer Yes, the internet will give you an abundance of information if you search. But how do you decide how reliable is this information? And most importantly, how do you use it to your advantage? In the case of sexual dysfunction, for instance, the information about what to do if you have it can be daunting. Sifting the information and siphoning out what might work for you may be more confusing than it seems. The internet does not know your particular story A sexual dysfunction, whether it is ED, an ejaculation disorder (premature ejaculation or delayed or lack of ejaculation) or low sexual desire, can be caused by multiple individual or a combination of factors. Searching online for answers may give you general information but will not be able to adapt the message to your unique set of circumstances. The internet cannot guide you on specifics Some causes of sexual dysfunction require systematic steps to modify the outcome. Even if you can find useful information online about specific techniques or tools you can use to tackle your problem, websites do not coach and guide you through their implementation; thus reducing your chances of success. The internet does not hold you accountable Some people need a structure to be able to implement a plan that will lead them to a better state of health. Going to a professional ensures that someone will monitor your progress and keep you on track to your goals. Having that extra set of eyes from someone who understands the issue at hand and has the experience and knowledge to assist you may be in your best interest to ensure the desired result. When it comes to your sexual health, talking to a professional who can actually listen and check for every possible cause and explore all options is the smartest thing to do. The internet may be able to provide you with general knowledge; nonetheless, it lacks an imperative piece of information to give you a meaningful answer: the knowledge of YOU. At Texas Sexual Health we focus on the whole individual and spend a lot of time deciphering what can be causing a dysfunction so we can help turn it around and bring the body back to sexual function. We can say we have a higher success rate than Dr. Google in treating sexual dysfunction. Give us a try!

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