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Penile Atrophy: If You Don’t Use It, You Lose It!

Reaching down and finding a deflated penis with no volume and rigidity is not fun and penile atrophy may be to blame. Many men report having erectile difficulties as they age. Among these, some men notice that their penises not only shrink, they seem to deflate, leaving them wondering: “where did it all go?” Here is some information about penile atrophy and how to get your penis back in working order.

Penile Atrophy

The penis’ tissue relies on oxygen to stay healthy and this oxygen is brought to the penis via blood. ED means that the penis is not receiving all the blood it needs in order to become rigid or have an erection. As erectile difficulties become more prevalent and remain unchecked for an extended period of time, the tissue is not receiving oxygen and as a result, the structures inside the penis become weaker and lose their ability to function properly altogether. It is extremely important that when erectile issues surface, action is taken right away to ensure that no long term damage to the tissue is the result.

Recovering from Penile Atrophy

Something that can be done right away to reverse penile atrophy is lifestyle changes. For instance, if smoking or obesity are to blame, tobacco cessation and losing weight may help reverse penile atrophy. Managing chronic health conditions makes sure that the blood supply going to the penis is optimized. Regenerative technologies, such as Shock Wave Therapy, may also be excellent in providing a viable solution to penile atrophy. Continuing to stimulate the penis is also important, as there are many sexual activities that will provide stimulation and pleasure without requiring a one hundred percent erect penis. Obviously, talking to an ED expert is essential to make sure there are no untreated underlying issues that need to be addressed.

If you have noticed that your penis is deflated and it seems to be empty inside, do not let this situation go on any longer. With the right treatment, you may be able to reach down and touch, not a deflated penis, but a penis full of life and volume, just like in the past.

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