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Penile Rehabilitation After Prostate Cancer

Updated: Jan 17

The penis, like all other organs in the body, needs oxygen so all the tissues inside are healthy and working right. Therefore, it is imperative to have frequent sexual stimulation to preserve erectile function throughout the life span. Erections supply the penis with blood and thus oxygen; on the contrary, a penis that does not receive oxygen through erections degenerates and atrophies. In matters of the penis, the say “if you don’t use it, you lose it” is true. A penile rehabilitation program may help regain sexual function to those who experience a loss on erections.

Regaining Erections After Prostatectomy

Many men who suffer the surgical removal of the prostate (prostatectomy) experience erectile dysfunction afterwards. Even the best nerve-sparing operation could damage the nerves and blood vessels that surround the prostate. This damage reduces blood flow to the penis and impairs oxygenation,thus causing atrophy and degeneration of the penile structure. Over time, erections get progressively harder to come by due to the lack of oxygen.

Improving penile blood flow should protect the sensitive tissues inside the penis and improve erectile function. It is important to start on a penile rehabilitation program right away after prostatectomy.

A Multi-Step and Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Penile Rehabilitation

When it comes to penile rehabilitation, the most common therapies available are oral medications or injectables to induce erections. However, there are many more ways to rehabilitate the penile structure. It is important to pursue help and not settle for what is happening if the person suffering ED post prostatectomy would still like to have erections and enjoy intercourse.

At Texas Sexual Health we have many tools in our arsenal to make sure that men have the best chance at optimizing their sexual health after prostatectomy. We encourage anyone who has undergone a prostatectomy or any other prostate procedure to seek help right away. We have a 12 step penile rehabilitation program and will be happy to help!

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