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Penile Shrinkage: Myth or Truth?

Many men face an unwanted side effect as they age: penis shrinkage. Many men complain that they don't see the same length and girth as before and many times they wonder if that perception is only in their head. If you have noticed some penile shrinkage, you may be on to something. Here are some reasons why your penis may be shrinking:


Smoking damages blood vessels, essential for erections to happen. As the tissues does not get enough oxygen, it can atrophy and shrink, along with the blood vessels.


Prostatectomies (prostate removal) are life saving procedures. Unfortunately, many men report that their penises shrink after having their prostates removed. Although this phenomenon is not well understood, it may be due to a retraction of the urethra, which causes the penis to retract as well.

Weight Gain

Some penises can be hidden underneath fat that accumulates on top of the mons pubis. Weight gain can cause a fat deposit that conceals part of the penis.


Aging may lead to shrinkage of the penis, for vascular reasons. As vascularity of the penis decreases in quality, the tissue atrophies and decreases in size.


Some medications for ADHD, some anti-depressants and some medications for enlarged prostate (BPH) can lead to a decrease in penis size. Nonetheless, make sure that you are taking these medications as prescribed and always consult with a healthcare provider before making any changes to your medication routine.

Peyronie's Disease

Peyronie's Disease (PD) causes an abnormal curvature of the penis, thus decreasing its size. PD may also cause pain and an inability to have intercourse.

If you are experiencing penile shrinkage, talk to your healthcare provider or a sexual health specialist who can help you. If some lifestyle choices are the cause, consider healthier options for yourself. Remember, in matters of penile health, it is always better to act quickly than to wait.

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