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Sex Does Not Expire

Sex is not just for the young. In fact, aging can make sex more delicious and satisfying, as confidence, knowledge and experience can enhance sexual techniques, expand the sexual repertoir and introduce the slower pace of intimacy into the relationship. Getting to know a partner over the years or meeting a new one later in life can mean to have more trust and confidence to talk more openly about sex, suggest to try new things, focus on what works well and perfecting it, take the relationship to new heights with added openness and not worrying so much about the things that used to be challenges in the past (like avoiding pregnancy, child rearing, etc.).

Many avoid sex in the later years when they experience the body changes that come with aging and focus on grieving what was instead of embracing what is and the new possibilities that can come with the metamorphosis of the aging human body. Longevity can bring about great opportunities for stronger intimacy and a deeper connection as individuals focus less on their athletic capabilities and more on the quality of the pleasure they can have with a person they enjoy. So instead of pinpointing the negative in the changes, one can focus on the joys of embracing something new. Now that is something to look forward to!

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