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Shock Wave Therapy: Breakthrough Treatment for ED

One of the most terrifying nightmares of men is to develop erectile dysfunction (ED) and to have to live with it. There are multiple options in the marketplace for the treatment of ED; however, these options only treat the symptoms and do not offer a cure. Luckily, there is a new treatment that offers a more permanent solution for ED.

The pitfalls of well-known ED treatments Men have many options to treat problems with sexual performance. Nonetheless, these treatments are not without challenges. Some of the available treatments and their disadvantages are:

Pills: These don’t work for every one and can come with unwanted side effects.

Penile injections: The idea of sticking themselves with a needle directly into the penis can be bothersome for many men. Moreover, injections can be painful and may have unwanted side effects.

The penile suppository: Inserted directly into the urethra, the suppository can be uncomfortable. Many men feel a stinging sensation and will have bloody discharge from the penis.

The penile pump: Many men find the use of these devices cumbersome and embarrassing.

Natural supplements: The products that promise increased performance can be unreliable.

Besides the unwanted side effects of the methods mentioned above, some of them may be costly. Additionally, the waiting period for these methods to work can make sexual activity awkward, as they require men to plan ahead or wait for the effect to take place in order engage in sexual intercourse. Ultimately, none of these treatments cure ED; they only mask symptoms.

A new treatment without unwanted and dangerous side effects There is a treatment option for ED and sexual performance enhancement that has revolutionized how ED is treated and offers an effective solution to ED. Low intensity shock wave therapy (also called acoustic wave therapy) is a non drug treatment to enhance sexual function. Not only low intensity shock wave therapy is effective; it also offers the following benefits:

  • Scientifically proven

  • 84% success in the resolution of mild to moderate ED cases

  • Tackles the root of the problem (blood flow)

  • Non invasive

  • No adverse side effects

  • Safe and effective

  • Treatments are fast and require no downtime

  • Success is maintained long term

The results are optimized erections, increased sensitivity and enhanced sexual performance.

Be ready for sex ANYTIME! A major benefit of low intensity shock wave therapy is that it allows for the natural process of erections to happen normally. There is no waiting for medication to kick in before a man is able to have sexual intercourse. Having natural erections back without side effects or waiting periods is a very appealing option for many men. You may be a candidate for shock wave therapy for the treatment of ED. Call today and find out if this breakthrough treatment is right for you. Have the sex life you envision and deserve. Life is too short; have more and better sex!

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