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Shoutout: Paul Blumenthal Makes Us Look Good on Social Media

Just like any other Generation Z, Paul Blumenthal is technology savvy and always excited about being connected to the world using online tools such as social media. Paul has been our video editor for quite some time and he does a fantastic job at it, wouldn’t you say?

Paul has been instrumental in the growth of our YouTube Channel (Like, Share, SUBSCRIBE and make sure to hit the Notifications button to be alerted about new content. New content is always being posted!) and, as a young professional, he often contributes to the content of the videos. He keeps us fresh, youthful and growing. Just look at the difference between our old videos and the new ones. I am sure our content will keep getting better and better! Paul has his sights set on a career in film and we are rooting for him! Paul also contributes his talent to other professionals that need his video editing skills to grow their social media presence. We are very lucky to have him in our team! We hope you visit our other social media: Facebook and Instagram, for exciting and pertinent information about sexual health. If you have any questions about sex, fill out the form and send. Your questions will make their way to our channels, anonymously, of course, so that you and others can learn and grow.

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