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Talking About Sex Saves Lives!

Talking about sex is necessary. In fact, talking about sex can save lives. However, the mere word or affiliated jargon (sex, penis, vulva, vagina, testicles, erections, orgasm, ejaculation, etc.) make most cringe and shut their ears, or worse; criticize, reprimand and ostracize those who dare speaking the forbidden language of sex. What’s the scare about?

Culture and religion have demonized sex and everything that comes with it. Pleasure, lust, arousal, desire, and anything that is associated with sex have been banned and restrictions have even been imposed on sexual activity between married couples. However, there is more to human sexuality than married sex and sexual health has to become an essential part of our conversation.  12 reasons why we need to talk about  sex:

 1. Sex is natural and normal: We are all sexual creatures. We are equipped with a sexual system that is part of our body and works in conjunction with every organ we possess. Maslow, in his hierarchy of needs, placed sex among our most basic needs. Sex is a need that has been built into our bodies for important reasons.

 2. Sexual health is part of health: When something in our bodies does not work properly, our sexual function may get affected. Conversely, when our sex life is good, our overall health improves and vice versa; when we have a poor sex life, our overall health suffers.  3.  A good sex life really equals a better life: People who have a healthy sex life are more creative and successful in life. Conversely, sexually frustration and dissatisfaction permeate social, family and professional life.  4.  Sex has numerous health benefits: It is time we know the truth about sex. It is not only for pleasure; however, the pleasure of sex and the bonding it can lead to has an impact on your health.  5.  Sex makes you live longer: People who enjoy a good and healthy sex life enjoy longer lifespans.  6.  Know what's abnormal: When you know what’s normal, you know what’s abnormal: If you know how your genitalia looks like, (which means that you must be looking at it on a regular basis), you know if there is something that does not belong there.

Some conditions, like vulvar cancer, warts and abrasions, can only be detected by sight and touch. You should be looking and touching.  7.  Shame and secrecy can only do harm: Keeping quiet about our sexuality can lead to much unnecessary suffering. Sex should not be a skeleton in the closet. The sexual health conversation must be ongoing, open, honest and accepted as part of life.  8.  Talking about sex prevents social ailments: Rape, abuse, teen pregnancy, STD/STI spread can be minimized when we are informed and empowered about sexual health.  9.  Enhanced sexual experience: When we learn about sex, we learn about our anatomies and how our bodies work, which can lead to better sex and relationships. 10.  When we talk about sex, we learn from each other: We can always learn something new from a conversation about sex.  11.  No more weirdness: When you know about other’s sexuality, you open the door to awareness. Many people find relief in knowing that what they feel or do about sex is normal.  12.  You can take action: Sometimes, a conversation about sex leads to taking the necessary steps for seeking help, healing or any other type of intervention.  Talking about sex can save lives, lead to more happiness, better relationships, higher self-esteem and confidence. Moreover, the sex   conversation can save many lives and damaged relationships. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with talking about it: it’s only sex!

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