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Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Women have been blessed with many types of orgasms and the ability to orgasm multiple times (unlike most of our male counterparts).

If you are able to recognize the differences between the types of orgasms you may experience or have experienced already, you will discover a whole new world of enjoyment and pleasure.

Some women can orgasm by using their brain (some without even being touched!); others can orgasm by the stimulation of different spots inside the vagina during intercourse, while others can reach an orgasm by the stimulation of the clitoris, nipples, skin, lips, ears, neck, back, etc., etc., etc.

Although many women, probably most, experience strong orgasms through the stimulation of the clitoris, many can orgasm when they perform anal sex, for instance. And, of course, there is also the sometimes elusive G-spot!

Here is an article I wrote about some types of female orgasm. Experiment and pay attention to your body as you explore and play with yourself and/or with your partner to see how many types of orgasms you can experience. You may be surprised!

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