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Three Easy Steps to Learn How to Squirt

Squirting. Shejaculation. Female ejaculation.

There are various names to refer to the glorious outcome of sexual stimulation that culminates with gushes of fluid being expelled from a woman’s vulva.

Usually, the squirting comes as a result of a very powerful orgasm induced by inside stimulation (penis, toy or fingers in vagina) or outside stimulation (masturbation with toy or fingers, grinding, oral sex or petting). Squirting is a lot of fun and makes for a messy, intense, and deeply pleasurable orgasm.

Many women would like to experience squirting and many men would like to facilitate it. However, there are also many myths about female ejaculation that make some weary of this magnificent type of orgasm.

Here are some myths about female ejaculation:

1. It is urine: False. Although the debate in the scientific community is still not resolved, women who squirt know the difference between urination and ejaculation.

2. It comes out of the urethra: False. It comes out of the Skene’s glands, which are located on either side of the vagina.

3. It comes out of the vagina: False. Refer to point 2.

4. Only a few women can do it: False. All women are capable of ejaculating.

5. It could be incontinence: False. Refer to point 1.

Now that the myths have been debunked, here are some things you will need in order to squirt:

1. RELAX! Relaxation is key. Many women, during vaginal penetration, feel an urge to urinate and/or a pressure in their lower abdomen.

In fear of leaking some urine, they withhold and tense their pelvic floor muscles. Not only they stop themselves from ejaculating when they do this, they also lose their concentration and mood because they are focused on tensing rather than enjoying the sensation.

Moreover, many women, when they feel as if though they are going to urinate during sex, carry a lot of shame if they know that they have produced some liquid.

2. HYDRATE! If you are dehydrated, your body will not be able to produce ejaculate. This does not mean you will not be able to have an orgasm. However, your body will respond so much better to sex in general and ejaculate if you are hydrating before, during and after sex.

3. PRACTICE! Practice makes perfect. Get a G-spot stimulator. Engage your partner. Experiment together. Find your G-spot (2-3 inches inside the front of your vaginal wall) and stimulate it. Repeat.

Be prepared to deal with the aftermath of squirting so have an extra bedding set, protect your mattress with a water proof pad or cover and keep extra towels handy. Your bed could be turned into a lake by the time you are done.

However, if the sex is great and the orgasms are delicious, don’t mind the clean up afterwards. Enjoy every gush with reckless abandon, imbibe in the nectar of the gods and cheer to the big and sloppy  “O!”

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