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  • Dr. Tanginika Cuascud

What’s up with those penis pictures?

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Recently, one of my friends and colleague told me that when she starts establishing a connection with men, almost immediately they start sending  pictures of their penises via text messages.

My friend is not a puritan or  conservative, but the incidence of these events happening made her a little   disturbed. “Why do men send pictures of their penises, right away, when they   start talking to women?”, she asked. The answer I provided was multipart. For starters, a man who is not at least a little proud of his penis and who does not think his penis is worth an early episode of “show and tell” will not send such picture.

So, in away, this is the way of men to show their “endowment”. Of course, these pictures are always of erect penises, never flaccid. Men want to “advertise” their merchandise and start a game of “peek-a-boo” that will be reciprocal. They want to receive a like picture in return.

But why, oh why? Well, men are visual creatures. Not that women do not get aroused visually, but men are notorious for being sexually stimulated by visual “aids”.

And, although this argument may sound stereotypical, a man who sends a picture of his penis right after an exchange of phone numbers is suggesting that what he is interested in is a sexual relationship ASAP; no “lovie-dovie” involved, just sex.

The pictures of the proud possession of men, their erect and perfect penis, is their oscillating flag letting us women know that, if we trespass, it should be clear that we are not going in for love or romance, we are going in for sex. And men believe we will be as enticed by the picture of their merchandise as they would if we were the sender and they were the recipient. I advise that, if the receiver does not appreciate the picture, express so. Just like when you go to a store and they offer you a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes, can kindly decline and say “beautiful, but I am not interested”. If you are, just play along and be warned. 

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