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Why Do I Have Premature Ejaculation?

As pleasurable as it should be, there can be a lot of frustration when things during sex don’t go as planned. One of the biggest embarrassments men suffer is to ejaculate too soon, which can be disappointing for both partners. These are some facts about premature ejaculation that may help you deal with it.

What is premature ejaculation? Premature ejaculation is characterized by an inability to control the ejaculation upon first initiating sexual activity or shortly after sexual stimulation directly at the penis. When premature ejaculation is present, minimal sexual stimulation may be enough to make a man ejaculate before he wishes to do so.

Consequences of premature ejaculation Premature ejaculation may lead to:

  • Unsatisfactory sexual experiences for one or both partners

  • Anxiety

  • Sex avoidance

  • Shame

  • Guilt

  • Stress

  • Lack of self and sexual confidence

  • Strain in the relationship

How did you get it? Usually, premature ejaculation is hard to pinpoint to a particular cause. However, these may be important factors that lead to it:

  • Ejaculating too fast during early masturbation experiences in adolescence

  • Excitement over a new partner

  • Anxiety and guilt

  • Hormonal problems

  • Pelvic floor dysfunction

  • Injury

  • Certain medications

What can you do about it? There are different methods you can use to control your ejaculation. Some of these methods are:

  • Communicate with your partner before, during and after sex. Let your partner know your sensations and provide guidance

  • Practice relaxation techniques such as breathing, meditation and tantra

  • Take it easy during sexual activity

  • Learn your body cues so you can stop yourself before you reach the point of inevitability

  • Try different positions and sexual activities to learn which ones would help you the most

  • Seek professional help

Premature ejaculation does not have to stop you from having a fulfilling sex life. Keep in mind that sexual activity does not have to end when you ejaculate and does not start upon penetration. Be creative and cultivate the intimacy and playfulness of sex beyond ejaculation.

We are experts in reversing ejaculatory disorders and we would be happy to offer you a SOLUTION for your PE so that, during sex, you can be amazed, not ashamed.

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