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  • Dr. Tanginika Cuascud

Your Vulva Is Not Dirty!

Since we are little, girls are told and taught that there is something wrong with our genitalia. To begin, there is no mention about it.

Our vulvas are a secret and unspoken “place” that is referred to as “down there”. Well, you know what else is “down there”, according to many? Hell! Yes, for many religions and religious people, hell is also down and under, just like our vulvas and vaginas. So no wonder our vulvas are demonized!  Besides being depicted as to belonging in the same place as hell, our vulvas also need to be exorcised. How? By washing them, bleaching them, deodorizing them, covering them up with pads that trap any odor or fluid and confining them to eternal purgatory. It is time to change that! Our vulvas have a distinct smell that is part of what makes this body part unique. Our vulvas do not smell in any particular way. We LEARN how our vulvas smell.

We are instructed that our vulvas have a foul or bad odor and we believe this throughout our lives. Therefore, we spend our lives ashamed of our vulvas and particularly the way our vulvas smell, which we try to get rid of at all times.

Many women feel proud of the fact that they deodorize and “clean”their vulvas constantly throughout the day. Not only this behavior is  psychologically insane, it is not healthy for our sex organs.  How to take care of your vulva  1.  Do not use soap: Do not wash your inner vulva with soap or anything that you would not put in your eyes. Wash the inside of your vulva with just water. That will keep it healthy.  2. Wear cotton: Wear cotton underwear to allow it to “breathe”.  3. Ditch the pantyliner: Do not wear pantyliner everyday. Reserve the sanitary pads for when you have your period and for days of spotting. Otherwise, your fluids are not going to hurt your panties!  4.  Sleep commando: At night, sleep without undies so your vulva can breathe freely.  5.   Avoid tight clothes: Tight jeans and pants can irritate the delicate tissue of your vulva  and also prevent it from “breathing”. Give it some room to wiggle!  6.  No deodorizing: Please! Do not use any talc, powders, sprays, lotions, wipes or anything that claims to “deodorize” your vulva. These products can damage your vulva and vagina, cause infections, irritation and long-term problems. Your vulva does not stink. Leave it alone! 7. She does not need a shower! Do not douche your vagina. The vagina is a self-cleaning organ and does not need your help. Douches can irritate and create infections as they change the pH and healthy bacterial flora necessary for a healthy vagina. Take care of your vulva by being gentle with it, in thought and action. Ditch the myth that your vulva and vagina are dirty; a healthy vulva and vagina are all you need. Now, sit back and smell your vulva. Enjoy! 


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