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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Without Side Effects


Until recently, men who experienced ED had only two options: to live with ED or to use drugs to improve functionality. Unfortunately, problems with erections, if untreated, only get worse. Moreover, lack of erections may signal serious chronic illness. Conversely, ED medications come with unwanted side effects, the inability to engage in spontaneous sexual activity and offer only a temporary fix for symptoms. At Texas Sexual Health we focus on the reversal of ED.

Penile Rehabilitation Program



Even the best nerve-sparing operation has the risk of damaging the network of nerves and blood vessels that surround the prostate, which reduces penile blood flow and oxygenation. Over time, this damage makes erections progressively harder to come by. A penile rehabilitation program after prostatectomy increases erectile function. At Texas Sexual Health we specialize on helping men regain their erections and their confidence after prostate surgery with a comprehensive 12 step penile rehabilitation program.

We Don’t Accept Sexual Dysfunction As Part of Life


Although most men will experience some kind of sexual dysfunction throughout the lifespan, at Texas Sexual Health we believe that access to a healthy and abundant sex life should be available to all. We don’t compromise on sexual dysfunction; we go to the root and treat the whole individual, not just a body part. Moreover, we understand that intimacy is essential for a happy life and thrive in helping men achieve successful lives inside and out of the bedroom.

Replacing Premature Ejaculation With Ejaculation Control


One of the biggest frustrations for men and their partners is finishing too early when neither are ready. Premature ejaculation or PE can erode self-confidence and lead to problems in the relationship. Fortunately, in most cases, PE can be reversed. At Texas Sexual Health we like to give men back their power by helping them conquer PE.

Delayed Ejaculation Help

One of the most difficult sexual disorders to deal with is delayed ejaculation or DE. Also known as retarded or impaired ejaculation, the inability to or taking a long time to ejaculate may cause a lot of distress among men and their partners. At Texas Sexual Health we pride in making DE treatment available to men so they can have success in intimacy!

A Team Of Sexual Health Experts Working For You

At Texas Sexual Health we fully understand all the causes of sexual dysfunction and tackle it from all fronts. Our team of experts specialize in comprehensive and holistic treatment methods that tackle the physiological and psychogenic causes of dysfunction. We are goal-oriented, success-driven and thrive on results. Our collaborative expertise has helped thousands of men and we want to help you too!

Shock Wave Therapy for Sexual Dysfunctions


Shock wave therapy (SWT, also called acoustic waves therapy) is the latest innovation in the fight against sexual dysfunction. SWT has been proven highly effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorders, prostatitis, and pelvic floor pain. Better yet, SWT requires no downtime, has no side effects, is non invasive, painless, fast and the results long lasting. We are proud to be among a handful of providers of SWT in North Texas!

Some facts:


The most common sexual dysfunctions in men are ejaculation disorders, erectile dysfunction, and low sexual desire and these can happen at any age.

More than half of all men will suffer ED in their life, with the incidence going up as men age.

The root of sexual dysfunction can be psychological or physiological. Early treatment increases the chances for success in regaining function.

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"Dr. Tangie has given me my life back! Now I can enjoy intimacy again."

D.Martin, Plano, TX

"After 11 years of marriage, my libido was down. Dr. Tangie helped me regain my sex drive."

A. Engles, Dallas, TX

"I was suffering from ED after prostatectomy. Other doctors did not offer any real solutions besides taking a pill. Dr. T made a plan so I could recover my sexual function."

G. Parks, Irving, TX

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